Our intentionality candles are great for addressing your mental and emotional needs, and are blended to perfection with soy wax and a harmonious blend of therapeutic essential oils, known for their healing properties.
Recommended burn time: 2-3 hours

Candle Safety Advisory: 
✔To ensure proper burn, allow yourself enough time for the top layer of your candle to completely liquefy (your first burn is most important, as it sets the burning pattern for the life of your candle)
✔Never leave your candle unattended.
✔Do not burn candle more than 4 hours at a time. 
✔Once candle has completely liquified PLEASE remove added flowers to reduce fire hazard.
✔ Ensure you trim your wick prior to each burn.

Intentionality Candle

Candle Scent
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  • Keep away from extreme heat or cold to prevent shape distortion. On your first lighting, burn for atleast an hour or until the top layer of wax is completely liquified to prevent burrowing. Keep the wick trimmed to 1/8 inches to keep the wax clean.

    Replace candle lid immediately following blowing out to keep dust and debris from your candle.   

    Candle burn time: 50+ Hours

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