Aromatherapy is a safe and effective way to reduce symptoms associated with stress, anxiety, depression, and other ailments that can affect the body.

Coming from different parts of plants, you enjoy an all-natural approach to managing your mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing by utilizing essential oils in your home and on-the-go!

Essential oils are safe to use for inhalation, dermal application(when used with a carrier), and baths, and are known used most often in natural bath and body products from beauty, wellness, and personal care companies all over.

SCM Healing Essentials specifically uses essential oils to create our handmade Aromatherapy products, by blending single essential oils together to form synergies, which combine all the therapeutic properties from each single oil, all into one powerful blend to aid you in your wellness journey!

With this Aromatherapy Wellness Box, you get to explore several oils and their benefit, while enhancing your life.

Just Breathe | Aromatherapy Starter Box

Essential Oil Blend
Essential Oil Blend Two

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