In order to fulfill the mission and purpose, our founder Candice Phillips, developed a S.E.E.D.S Model of Holistic Recovery, which is utilized to challenge others to meet their desire to edify the spirit, soul, and body towards a greater level of holistic healing and wholeness, while gaining a new level of awareness to further support others.


This model is the foundation for our services, products, workshops, and training to support individuals in their journey to heal emotionally, grow spiritually, and transform spiritually.



Since the launch in August 2018, our owner has expanded to offer several products and services, collaboratively held over 20 in-person and virtual workshops, hosted quarterly Adult Mental Health First Trainings, and produced over 500 handmade orders, with customers sharing their stories of instant results and relief.

As our owner seeks to shatter the stigma, inspire hope and healing, and break barriers; by providing a safe space; we believe in collaboration and invite you on the journey to empower others with us in the near future.


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