Our Beginnings


In May of 2018, after being diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder developed from daily stress and unresolved traumas, she found herself losing passion for everything, and started noticing increasing signs of change; including worry, missing a lot of work, having low energy, and feelings of hopeless.

Despite her efforts to keep pushing as an active advocate in the human services field, she had to put a pause on life; leaving her career, and embracing recovery. On her personal journey to recovery, her purpose expanded beyond; what she could have imagined; and a deeper passion to meet the needs of society and serve God's people through the ministry of healing, became evident. Through her personal experience; awareness and passion to focus on the WHOLE person became more evident. She was even more committed to supporting women in areas of Healing, Faith, Mental Wellness, and Self-Care.

Mental Freedom Belongs to Those Who Fight For It

SCM Healing Essentials was started to provide a self-care solution to those needing relief from daily stress, anxiety,  and other mental health challenges inhibiting them from living fully functional lives by developing handmade Aromatherapy products.

Our owner;  someone impacted by a mental health challenge and an active Master's level Human Services worker understood that providing handmade products was only a step towards managing one's mental well-being, so she went back to the drawing board and added an extra layer to the vision.

She decided to further develop philanthropic and programming endeavors for individuals needing more intensive support by adding self-paced wellness tools, wellness workshops/training, and life coaching services.

In order to make services/support more accessible, we provide life coaching services, therapy referrals, workshops/training, and scholarships to bridge the financial gap for those impacted and needing support. We use a portion of our quarterly sales to offer a scholarship to cover life coaching/mental health services and sponsored Adult Mental Health First Aid Classes through our Wellness Haven Fund.

Candice Phillips, M.S, CPLC
Owner of SCM Healing Essentials

Our Mission

SCM Healing Essentials seeks to promote a lifestyle of healing, growth, and transformation in our society by encouraging a God path towards wholeness, while focusing on self-care, mental wellness, spiritual growth, and building community.

We seek to incorporate the whole person, spirit, soul, and body and have developed several avenues in order to accomplish this goal. Through SCM Healing Essentials, we offer a mental health/self-care solution to those burdened by past pains/hurt, mental stagnation, stress, fear, depression, and other mental health challenges. 

We Promote the Following Virtues:

1)Healing (Isaiah 53:5) -No matter a persons spiritual affiliation, we introduce people to the truth that it is God will for them to experience healing/freedom and partner with them on that journey to heal emotionally; grow mentally, and transform spiritually by building their faith though life coaching and discipleship.


2) Peace/Mental Wellness (John 14:27) We provide a therapeutic space, workshops, and self help tools that promote mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness.

3) Self Care (1 Corinthians 6:19) We develop handmade products with all natural ingredients and essential oils to enable individuals to honor ones temple, and experience relief and results from physical and mental health challenges.

In order to fulfill the mission and purpose, our founder Candice Phillips, developed a S.E.E.D.S Model of Holistic Recovery, which is utilized to challenge others to meet their desire to edify the spirit, soul, and body towards a greater level of holistic healing and wholeness, while gaining a new level of awareness to further support others.


This model is the foundation for our services, products, workshops, and training to support individuals in their journey to heal emotionally, grow spiritually, and transform spiritually.


Our Footprint

Since the launch in August 2018, our owner has expanded to offer several products and services, collaboratively held over 20 in-person and virtual workshops, hosted quarterly Adult Mental Health First Trainings, and produced over 800 handmade orders, with customers sharing their stories of instant results and relief

Invitation to Connect

As we seek to encourage and equip individuals with the tools needed to heal emotionally, mentally, and spiritually; we look forward to serving you along your journey towards a greater you and know, we are cheering you on!

God Bless!


C. Marie Phillips, M.S, CPLC, Owner

Owner of SCM Healing Essentials