Our Approach

Our life coaching services seek to support you mentally, emotionally, and spiritually and move you from mental stagnation, stress, and fear, to experiencing emotional healing, mental growth, and inner transformation to become ones authentic self, and walk confidently in purpose using biblical principles and evidence-based CBT


In our first session, we help you identify your problem area(s), discuss your goals, develop a recommended transformation plan that will provide you with the most optimum outcome to THRIVE, and give you an opportunity to decide if we are a good fit.

If you are ready to heal, grow, and transform your life; schedule a session today!

Meet the Healing Coach


As a Masters Level Human Service Professional, Womens Mental Health Advocate, Certified Mental Health First Aid Instructor, Certified Professional Life Coach, with over 8 years experience; she noticed an increasing number of individuals impacted by mental health disorders, and wanted to provide a solution to a nationwide mental health crisis.

In her own recovery journey, she created several faith and evidence based self help tools, workshops, and handmade essential oil blends that provided relief from the symptoms she personally was experiencing from stress and anxiety, and launched SCM Healing Essentials in August of 2018, to share the blessing of Healing with others.

Candice focuses on supporting women through mental health advocacy in their journey to heal emotionally, grow mentally, and transform spiritually. Candice proactively shares her triumphant success in her choice to serve God wholeheartedly, while detailing the transforming power and grace of God in order to provoke others to be transformed.

Coaching Pathway


We focus on building awareness of ones emotional state, and preparing a plan to heal negative emotions, self-limiting beliefs, and fear of change.


We focus on gaining perspective of the impact that negative self talk and fear of change has played in your life, and seek to shift this mindset.


We focus on helping you effectively implement actionable change steps and apply practical mindset shifting coaching techniques to shift your life.


We focus on supporting you in maintaining progress obtained and serve as a resource up to a year after to help you achieve future goals.